Our New LoL Head Coach

After some time without an active League of Legends division we are happy to announce the first of multiple appointments and talent acquisitions which signal a renewed commitment from Bulldog Esports to League of Legends esports.

 A strong leader and mentor can be an incredibly influential factor in many walks of life and competitive League of Legends is no different. For this reason we looked hard for the best possible head coach to bring success to our LoL division, luckily this search wasn’t in vain and we can now officially welcome Floris ‘Vamir’ Tuijn to Bulldog Esports.

Whilst Vamir remains a relatively new face in the League of Legends coaching scene, the vision and drive he shows, as well as his deep understanding of the game and strong rapport with his players made him a perfect fit for Bulldog. He will be coaching all of Bulldog’s LoL teams from now on, and we firmly believe he will bring the insight and leadership needed to drive the division to unprecedented successes.

Vamir had the following to say regarding his appointment-

‘I’m looking forward to working with both Tony and the rest of the Bulldog management team, as well as the players we bring in, to create the best platform for success. I hope that under my leadership, Bulldog’s LoL division will thrive in all competitions we enter, and I can’t wait to get started.’

For all new updates on our LoL division make sure to follow both @Vamirlol and @BulldogEsports on Twitter.