Bulldog Call of Duty

After CWL Dallas we decided the team needed to change. JME and JoordyD went their separate ways leaving us with Patto and Chunk. After playing with a few different people, we have now got a set team that we have high expectations for.


Our new roster will be 

We are adding some serious experience to our roster and as people have seen so far this game the old and bold players have still got it. This is what our new guys had to say:

I have been playing since the start of competitive call of duty, and I took a long break from the end of Black ops 2 up until now where I'm back to get to the top. Along the way, I have picked up various top 8 placements: 

ECL2 7th-8th. 
ECL3 4th, 
EGL4 5th, 
EGL5 6th, 
EGL7 3rd. 
- Pascoe

Finally, i have made the return to Call of Duty since taking a very long break since the most recent jetpack games. I am back and looking to challenge for the top tier in Europe once again, and I am excited to be doing this alongside the members of Bulldog and the organisation as a whole. I am grateful for the opportunity, and I'm looking forward to the future. My top accolades from previous games are as follows:

Call of Duty Regional Qualifiers 1st 
EGL10 3rd
EGL9 3rd
EGL7 3rd
EGL4 4th
EGL5 5th
BoA 5th
Call of Duty World Championship 6th

As you can see, there is plenty of experience, and solid placements from our new members and anyone who knows the EU scene will be aware of the qualities they bring to our team. We know you will all show them great support going forward.