Counter Strike Global offensive 

We are proud to present our CSGO team. 

Liam Ebanks


LAN History: i52 (17th-24th), i55 (12th-16th), i56 (17th-24th)

Organisation History: SkitLite, Perilous Gaming, ECVisualize, LiNK Gaming, rize Gaming and CAZ eSports

Phillip Hunt


LAN History: i49(3rd), i50 (4th), Epic14(3rd)

Organisation History:- Perilous Gaming, CAZ eSports

Tim Chance


LAN History: Epic14 (3rd), i49(5th), i52(4th)

Organisation History: Perilous Gaming

Elliot Marks 


LAN History: Epic19 (12th-16th)

Organisation History:- Perilous Gaming

James Fisher


LAN History: Epic15 (2nd), i55(4th), i47(5th), Epic16(5th), Epic19 (5th), i49(7th-8th), i56(9th-12th)

Organisation History: Reason Gaming and CeX