Bulldog Esports Ethos


At Bulldog eSports we want to emphasise an attribute of respect throughout our community by having those associated with Bulldog aware of what Bulldog is expecting from them and therefore in turn, what they can expect from Bulldog.   


We have many expectations and aspirations at Bulldog however we can only reach our goals if certain principles are adhered to on social media, at events and amongst other bulldog members.  


We believe that all social media activity from a member of Bulldog eSports reflects on the organization regardless of circumstances. There are many examples throughout the media that can relate to this: when you represent an organization, the representation does not cease because it is a certain time of the day or because an emotion is running high. We encourage that all members show the respect the organization deserves by being professional and considerate on all social media platforms at all times by refraining from adolescent behaviour.  


On the occasion(s) that Bulldog esports attends LAN events, we must further encourage the attitude of respect. Our main focus for events is to win. With this goal in mind, we must urge members that during participation of the event (All day Friday, Saturday and including Saturday evening if Bulldog qualifies for championship Sunday) a professional attitude must be maintained (applies to all members of Bulldog eSports attending the event). Consequently partying to excess, mocking teams on losses & showing a general lack of respect when representing the Bulldog organiastion will not be tolerated. We believe that this behaviour will take Bulldog off-course of becoming a professional top tier organiastion. 


Lastly, as doors close to the public our ambitions and qualities should not diminish. We want to encourage that members show each other the same respect that everyone is deserved as everyone in the Bulldog esports family has the same ambition and over-all goal to fortify the Bulldog name.  In-house feuds will only lead to fundamental break-downs that will inherently lead Bulldog eSports down a tangent and halt or slow progression. 


We hope you understand that we only implement an ethos in order for all members of Bulldog esports  to work together and get behind a common goal. We would rather see Bulldog eSports associate itself with large sponsors while competing on the mainstage in Gfinity or even in North America and this will only happen if we can present ourselves in front of the public as a professional and practiced organiastion.