League of Legends

We are proud to present our League of Legends team. 


Recent placements;

I59 3rd


Jens Kramhøft

"Phawkes" Top Lane


Phawkes is our Danish Top Laner who has been with us since we moved into League of Legends.

Josh Bhella

"J3T" Jungle


J3t has been with us from the start and is regarded as one of the top UK jungliers.

Oliver Hörömpöli

"Mooon" Mid Lane


Mooon is our second non UK player coming from Germany. It is his first split with us but already the potential can be seen #TeamMooon

Neyas Guruswamy

"Raizins" Support


A popular support player in the UK community. This will be his first split back since taking some time out to study.

Dino Hrnjadovic

"Dino" Top Lane Sub


Dino is our subsitute top laner who comes from Bosnia. He has the ability to play in the first team when required.

Lawrence Clegg

"Faxulous" ADC


The third in our trinity of original Bulldogs. A valuble member of the team.

Sam Harrison

"Harrio" Support Sub


Harrio is our support sub who is an important part of the team ready to step in when needed.