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SharQ Controllers

SharQ controllers provide the most affordable competitive controllers around! With there comfortable design it helps give you that competitive edge you need to compete at the highest level, used by the very best at the higest level it wouldnt make sense to go anywhere else! We are very proud to be working with SharQ and even have our own controller with them which you can check out here!

XGamer Energy

Based in europe X-Gamer are the fastest growing energy & focus formula company around, designed for eSports & gamers. X-Gamer is an advanced, effective and innovative energy and focus formula. If you want to get that cutting edge purchase some X-Gamer today! With a range of flavours and competitive prices there is no need to go anywhere else! You can check out X-Gamer here!


Arma Centrum

The market leader for eSports apparel, Arma is the home of all Bulldog eSports apparel. You can find our store over on there site here. Arma was founded in 2014 with a mission to produce the very best quality jerseys in the esports community, so far they have succeded working with some of the best teams and companies in the business!


GT Omega Racing

GT Omega Racing is one of the world's leading brand in Sim racing cockpits, racing office chairs and sim racing equipments. Their aim is to provide the best equipments with all our products, provide an equally high level of aftercare support. You can check out GT Omega Racing here!




The eSport Hub

The esport hub is a company dedicated to esports, based in the UK they hold various tournaments, leagues and even host there own talk show! Supported by the community they are currently working on a dedicated competitive platform which launched mid March 2017 working to bring more variance to european esports! You can check out ESHUB here!